Transcend Peace University Online Courses

Transcend: Peace University
Online Courses – 2nd term 2011  – 12 week all-online courses –

Term: September  26th – December 16th 2011

Addressed to: mainly post-graduates, government- and non-government 
pracitioners, also advanced students 

26.09.2011 – 16.12.2011           Advanced Peace Theory

Fee: OECD €500                        Course Instructor: Prof. Johan Galtung

Non-OECD €250

26.09.2011 – 16.12.2011          Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation

Fee: OECD €500                     Course Instructor: Dr. S. P. Udayakumar

Non-OECD €250


26.09.2011 – 16.12.2011           Education for Peace

Fee: OECD €500                    Course Instructor: Professor Dr. H.B. Danesh  

Non-OECD €250  

26.09.2011 – 16.12.2011         Nonviolence

Fee: OECD €500                    Course Instructor: Dr. Jørgen Johansen

Non-OECD €250 

26.09.2011 – 16.12.2011          Peace and Democracy

Fee: OECD €500                 Course Instructor: Prof. Dr. Paul Scott

Non-OECD €250

26.09.2011 – 16.12.2011         Priciples of peace-based leadership and governance

Fee: OECD €500                       Course Instructor: Prof. Dr. H.B. Danesh

Non-OECD €250

26.09.2011 – 16.12.2011          Reconciliation

Fee: OECD €500                       Course Instructor: Dr. Joanna Santa Barbara

Non-OECD €250



Methods:    12-week all online course designed for fully-employed participants and students

who want to broaden their expertise additionally to their professional work;

combining autonomous work, exchange with participants from all over the world

and constant feedback from highly experienced course instructors.

Fees:          €250 for participants from non-OECD countries 
€500 for participants from OECD-countries   

Enrollment: You can enroll online, for further information click here

Contact:      Transcend Peace University
Executive Secretary Karoline Weber

The Transcend Peace University TPU is an all-online university, currently headed by Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung. Our inter-disciplinary courses are designed to cover issues pertaining to peace and development studies. TPU seeks to promote trans-border, inter-disciplinary peace studies, and make them accessible to as wide a community as possible. For this, we opted for an online format. Recently, corresponding tutorials and courses on-site can be attended at the associated Galtung-Institut in Germany (

The Galtung-Institut for Peace Theory and Peace Practice (G.I.) is a reflection of the program of TRANSCEND International and is the on-site carrier of the TRANSCEND Peace University (TPU) program, offering on-site tutorials on Conflict Transformation in Grenzach-Wyhlen in Germany.

The G.I. is a multilingual, independent research- resource- and study-center for peace founded in May 2011 by Prof. Galtung, his three assistants, two professors of peace and conflict studies, two former representatives of the U.N and a former representative of the Goethe-Institut. The G.I. is proud to be related to TRANSCEND International  the premier global network of specialists working for Peace, Development and Environment by peaceful, developmental and environmental means.

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